Review: Tsuji San’s Uji Hikari (2021) – Yunomi Tea

Cultivars: Uji Hikari

Origin: Uji, Kyoto

Vintage: May 2021 Harvest, Grinding October 2021


This special matcha is grown in Uji by perhaps the most award tencha farmer, Tsuji Kiyoharu. In fact the matcha comes from the same tea field that Tsuji uses for his competition grade tea! This matcha was grown using traditional methods with the exception of a black plastic tarp to shade the tea as opposed to the traditional rice straw (honzu).

Hand picking (tezumi) was done for harvesting, ensuring top notch quality.

Additionally, this tea has undergone a 5 month aging process (jukusei) before grinding to round out the flavor profile.

Tasting Notes

This matcha had a light green color with a pleasant, sweet dry aroma. Adding water, the aroma changes and takes on a marine leafy green quality.

Upon taking a sip, you are immediately hit with a silky smooth, soft umami and a slight sweetness. The mouth feel is incredibly soft and light. The great foamability only adds to its airy creaminess.

The marine umami is definitely the star of the show and leaves a wonderful, mouthwatering aftertaste. There is absolutely no bitterness or astringency. Not even close!


This was my first time trying Uji Hikari and it did not disappoint. Everything from the scent to the delicate, complex taste says luxury. I find myself always recommending Tsuji San’s matcha and this is no exception! The umami in this tea is unmatched.

Pick some up for yourself: Uji Hikari – Yunomi

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