The Chawan (Matcha Bowl) Buying Guide
So you want to get a new matcha bowl, but don’t know where to start? In this guide will share some tips on what to look for in a chawan and the best places to buy them.Size MattersYou may be...
The Chasen (Matcha Whisk) Buying Guide
Search, “matcha whisk” online and you’ll find hundreds of different chasen listings. How do you know which are best for making a bowl of matcha? In this article I’ll share what...
How to Make Matcha without a Whisk
The bamboo whisk (chasen) the is best tool for making a smooth, fine-foamed matcha. If you don’t have one however, here are some easy alternatives.1. A Mason Jar or Small BottleThe mason jar...
How to Make Matcha
Preparing matcha is incredibly simple and requires very few (and inexpensive!) tools. In this post, I’ll introduce the tools you need to make the best bowl of matcha, and the steps required.What...
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