Review: Chiran Harvest - Naoki Matcha
Cultivars: SeimeiOrigin: Chiran, KagoshimaVintage: UnknownAboutThis matcha is made from the Seimei cultivar, a new type of cultivar first introduced in 2017, made from crossing the Saemidori...
Review: Silk Ceremonial Matcha - Chiki Tea
Cultivars: SaemidoriOrigin: Yame, FukuokaVintage: UnknownAboutThis matcha comes from Yame, a southern city in Japan. Although the farmer is unknow, we do know that they used traditional rice...
Review: Tsuji San's Uji Hikari (2021) - Yunomi Tea
Cultivars: Uji HikariOrigin: Uji, KyotoVintage: May 2021 Harvest, Grinding October 2021AboutThis special matcha is grown in Uji by perhaps the most award tencha farmer, Tsuji Kiyoharu. In...
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