How to Make Matcha without a Whisk

The bamboo whisk (chasen) the is best tool for making a smooth, fine-foamed matcha. If you don’t have one however, here are some easy alternatives.

1. A Mason Jar or Small Bottle

The mason jar can be a great alternative to the matcha whisk. All you need is a jar or bottle with a lid, some water, and your matcha. Add the water and matcha to the jar, close the lid, and give it a vigorous shake. If looking to make iced matcha, throw in some ice cubes to aid the mixing process. In general, you aren’t going to get great micro foam and could experience some clumping, but any matcha is better than no matcha!

The biggest mistake I see people make with this method is using a mason jar that it too large. A large container requires more liquid to shake which will water down the matcha. Instead of the classic mason jar, I prefer a smaller container like this one, that is right sized for the job. This bottle method is my go-to when traveling.

2. A Milk Frother

A handheld milk frother is also a great option for making matcha without a whisk. Add water and matcha to a jar and give it a mix! Compared to the mason jar method, you are less likely to get clumping, however you will still struggle with producing fine micro foam.

Make sure to use a tall glass with the milk frother as the liquid tends to like to spill up over the sides. Also, pro tip: wait until the frother tip is submerged in the water before turning on to avoid splashing!

3. A Blender

Last, and least convenient, is the blender. A blender will produce similar results to the milk frother method but requires more cleanup. If you have the choice between a milk frother and blender, I’d choose the milk frother every time.

The above methods are great alternatives for making matcha without a whisk, but if you are ready to bring your matcha game to the next level, check out my Matcha Whisk Buying Guide.

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